Windsong was conceived as far back as 1998, but was finally built and made ready to live in 14 years later in January of 2012.  A property built for a family to live, entertain and enjoy with spacious areas both internal and external.  Designed by one of Delhi's renowned architects "Narayanmoorthy & Associates", it was designed as a gift from one Sanawarian school friend to another.


It was built as a summer retreat for the family as well as a getaway from the busy lives that we all lead in the big cities. In the spring of 2015, we have opened our doors to let others enjoy our home as much as we have. We hope you will enjoy our home, treat it like your own, and take care of it like your own.  Our staff have been with us for some years and will try their best to take care of you and make you comfortable.


The property is modern and fitted with the best of modern day living requirements.  From pressurized showers, 24 hour hot water, en-suite bathrooms, wall panel heating, Satellite TV, Wi-fi  as well as a lovely warm real and functional wood fireplace.

It has five bedrooms, three located at the lower level and the other two located on the attic level.  The house has been built on three levels with access to Gardens at each level.


The hills around have some spectacular views and morning and afternoon walks are highly recommended and a real delight.

Chabal is a small village and was historically a farming village.  It is part of Solan District in Himachal Pradesh, which was formed in 1972.  Chabal is about 1.9 kms from Garkhal Village which is the 4 way junction from Kasauli, Dharampur, Sanawar & Chabal.  It is filled with shops selling everything from tasty Samosa's to fresh farmed fruit and vegetables and of course our daily needs of eggs, milk, bread and much much more. Kasauli Town is full of history and must do's are "Ross Common", "The Mall", "Baptist Church" and "Manki Point".  Kasauli Baptist Church is a 1923 brick and wood building. It is "considered a unique example of colonial architecture of the British era". In 2008 the church was damaged by a fire which destroyed all internal furnishings, which have since been re done.